Municipal Community Benefits


Hamilton Community Benefits Network (HCBN)

HCBN envisions Hamilton as an inclusive, thriving city in which all residents have equitable opportunities to contribute to building healthy communities and a prospering economy. Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) are a proven approach to achieve this vision.​

The Community-Labour Coalition continues to advocate for transportation equity and the commitment for a Community Benefits Agreement as part of the Hamilton LRT project.

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City of Ottawa

Lebreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition (LFCBC)

The National Capital Commission (NCC) is updating its Master Concept Plan for the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats lands in Ottawa. 

The goals of the community-labour coalition is to develop in cooperation with the NCC, a CBA that specifies a range of specific community and social outcomes that the LeBreton redevelopment will achieve.

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Herongate - No Displacement Community Benefits Agreement

The No Displacement CBA campaign started in 2015, when property owner Timbercreek started to issue eviction notices to tenants to allow for the redevelopment of the neighbourhood.

Herongate ACORN members, along with allies from the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre and the Ottawa District Labour Council, are demanding an enforceable CBA that provides a minimum of 25% - 30% affordable housing including deep affordability, with first right of refusal to the tenants that have been evicted, as well as other community benefits like social enterprise, affordable childcare space and local hiring from equity seeking groups.

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Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN)

The Toronto Community Benefits Network envisions Toronto as an inclusive, thriving city in which all residents have equitable opportunities to contribute to building healthy communities and a prospering economy. Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) are a proven approach to achieve this vision. The Network has worked closely with community, labour, government and private sector to secure CBAs on six large scale infrastructure projects in Toronto including:

  • Eglinton Crosstown LRT
  • Finch West LRT
  • West Park Healthcare Centre
  • MacDonald Block Reconstruction Project
  • Woodbine Casino Expansion
  • Regent Park Revitalization Phase 4 + 5

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City of Toronto Community Benefits Framework Policy

The Community Benefits Framework aims to coordinate and maximize the social and economic impacts of community benefits initiatives when the City buys, builds or provides financial incentives for construction or remediation. Community benefits initiatives aim to create inclusive workforce development opportunities and other economic opportunities for people from equity-seeking groups and Indigenous peoples.

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Parkdale People's Economy 
The Parkdale People's Economy, also known as Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Project, is a network of over 30 community-based organizations and hundreds of community members collaborating to build decent work, shared wealth, and equitable development in Parkdale.

York University - Community Benefits and Social Procurement

York aims to increase the number of employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities for people from the University’s local neighborhoods, other equity-seeking communities, and Aboriginal Peoples, and to broaden York’s supply chain by providing diverse vendors with equitable access to tender opportunities to foster inclusive economic growth.

York’s Social Procurement principles are already being implemented in several construction projects. These include:

  • Washroom renovations and upgrades across the University are scheduled to begin requiring bidders to use a specified percentage of labour from our local communities.
  • Renovations, as well as mechanical and electrical upgrades are planned for the Hilliard & Wood residences on the Glendon Campus.

Regent Park Community Benefits Coalition - Toronto Community Housing

The Coalition was formed by the Regent Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA) comprised of TCHC and Condo residents, with support from local community organizations and the Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN). The Coalition is working with community members, community groups and organizations to leverage equitable local economic development opportunities and community benefits from Regent Park’s last phases of revitalization.

In March 2020, the coalition secured a Community Benefits Framework Agreement with Toronto Community Housing for Phases 4 + 5 revitalization in Regent Park.

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RexdaleRising! - Woodbine Casino Expansion

After over ten years of advocacy by Rexdale residents, organizations, and allies across the City, Toronto City Council approved the City of Toronto’s first Community Benefits Agreement ensuring enforceable benefits for the community from the Woodbine Casino Expansion project in Rexdale. The CBA includes commitments for local hiring and training, local/social procurement, a new child care facility and community access to space

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City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver - Community Benefits Agreement Policy

In 2018, Vancouver was the first major city in Canada to introduce a formal CBA policy. The CBA applies to future large-scale sites (exceeding 45,000 m2) will commit to targets on three main components: first source hiring, social procurement and supply chain diversity

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City of Manitoba 

We Want to Work Coalition

The We Want to Work Coalition is a group of CCEDNet Manitoba social enterprise members, Buy Social Prairies, and partner organization Manitoba Building Trades who have been leading conversations and advocacy to ensure the City of Winnipeg introduces two new policy tools; Social Purchasing and Community Benefits Agreements.

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