Regional Community Benefits

York Region

Community Benefits in York Region Working Framework

The Framework focuses on three priority areas for the provision of community benefits: workforce opportunities; supply chain opportunities; and other benefits identified by local communities, including, where relevant, affordable housing and environmental initiatives.

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Peel Region

Peel Community Benefits Network

The Peel Community Benefits Network (PCBN) was born from an initiative of the Peel Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee (PPRSC), which is co-chaired by the Region of Peel and United Way Greater Toronto.

Their mandate is to:

  • Ensure that residents benefit from the economic opportunities that large infrastructure projects, like the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT), will bring to the community
  • Actively engage stakeholders from business and non-profit organizations, the community, school boards, labour unions, etc. to create inclusive Community Benefit frameworks

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Windsor-Essex Community Benefits Coalition (WECBC)

The WECBC believes that the community should have an opportunity to provide input on Community Benefits that are the result of major infrastructure projects in Windsor Essex. We also believe that key partnerships between impacted residents, institutions, labour, and community agencies are required to maximize the benefits to our region. This is achieved through community conversation, outreach and collective action.

In 2019, the WECBC finalized the $10M Community Benefits Plan with the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and developer Bridging NA.

The Coalition continues to advocate for a Legacy fund, a percentage of all future toll revenues from the bridge to support various community initiatives and programs.

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Gordie Howe International Bridge

After years of advocacy, the WECBC was able to secure a commitment for a Community Benefits Agreement as part of the $5.7B federal Gordie Howe Bridge Project.

Between 2015 and 2019, a two-phase consultation approach was undertaken with Ontario and Michigan residents, Indigenous Peoples, business owners and community and municipal leaders resulting in over 230 unique suggestions for community benefits and engagement of thousands of stakeholders. Activities that informed the Community Benefits Plan included public meetings, one-on-one meetings, focus groups, a public survey, social media and direct correspondence.

The $10M Community Benefits Plan reflects community priorities and is comprised of two components: The Workforce Development/Participation Strategy and the Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategy

This project falls under the Federal Community Employment Benefits Program

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Coastal Region

Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative supports local government social procurement through education, training and coaching. Its mission is to improve the health of communities and strengthen local economies by changing the culture of public sector procurement in the Coastal Region.

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